“It’s like carrying window light with you everywhere you go.”
Jerry Ghionis, Melbourne, Australia

“I bought an Icelight a couple of months ago! I´m just really happy with the results. I co-directed the video of SAOPBOX, which will shortly be released. I used the ice light as our main light! You can actually see the ice-light in several scenes!”
Alan Benchoam, Guatemala

“We love carrying as little as possible when shooting, and the icelight is the perfect lightweight addition to our gearbag. It provides gorgeous softbox quality light, and can be used in virtually any setting. We definitely don’t go to a wedding without it!”
Ted and Rachel Linczak, South Carolina, USA

“The Ice Light is truly the best and most practical solution for continuos portable lighting.”
Roberto Valenzuela, Beverly Hills, USA

“The brightest most versatile portable light I have ever used. I love to evoke mood and drama through my lighting style and the Ice Light has really opened up new and creative ways to achieve this. Love this Light!”
Rocco Ancora, Melbourne, Australia

“Having the Ice light with me in any shooting scenario is the most comfortable I’ve felt in a long time. Knowing in what ever situation I’m thrown in I can produce beautifully lit photographs without the hassle of bringing big bulky lighting equipment. It’s a soft box in a stick!”
Ryan Schembri, Sydney, Australia

“We ordered two Ice Lights, the minute they came out. We could instantly see the advantages of having such a beautiful quality of light in the plam of our hands. Having two gives us so much flexibility. Best of all, they just slip in your camera case pocket, allowing us to create beautiful dramatic images in moments where you don’t have minutes, you only have seconds.
Luke and David Edmonson, Dallas, USA