About the Ice Pack

Ice Light Ice Pack - The Ultimate Ice Light Accessory Kit

The Ice Light Ice Pack includes items that will increase the performance and the capabilities of the Ice Light. The Ice Pack includes:

Barn Doors
- Directs light precisely where you want it to go
- Durable, lightweight metal doors prevent light spill
- Snaps into place with no extra hardware needed
- Adjustable doors create dynamic lighting techniques

Tungsten Gel
- Quickly changes to tungsten color temperature 3200K
- Custom built for the Ice Light
- Lightweight, hard plastic design

Universal Tilter Bracket and Spigot
- For mounting an Ice Light to a light stand
- Adjustable mounting adapter with a tilt angle
- Includes oversized knobs and locking handle
- Receptacle for mounting umbrella based modifiers

Flexible Mini Tripod
- Compact and lightweight for travel
- Soft, pliable foam legs with non slip rubber feet
- Adjustable and rotatable ball-head for easy motion
- Simple push button release with built in thread
- Built in bubble spirit level

2-Way Connector
- Connects two Ice Lights together
- Metal with rubber bushing for easy alignment
- Large surface area for flush fit

Car Charger
- Standard car power outlet
- Long 2' power cord
- Built in protection for power overload

Carry Case
- Holds multiple Ice Lights and Ice Pack accessories
- Multiple compartments for organization
- Durable, lightweight nylon design

Price $199.90


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